Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Midsummer Classic

When you grow up in a baseball family, and your family loves watching sports in general, and your Uncle Johnny is one of Josh Hamilton's trainers, and they're both at the All Star game, and Hamilton is in the home run derby, it's pretty exciting to watch the home run derby. I watch a lot of baseball games every summer of whichever team I have family members playing. This year it happens to be the Texas Rangers—my allegiance will change very quickly when necessary.

Last night my sister, husband, and I went to my parents' house (they have cable, we do not) to watch the 2008 MLB Home Run Derby. My sis and I made pesto from freshly cut basil, which we'd definitely never done before or hadn't even watched anyone do, so it was a total experiment that ended up turning out amazingly well. mmm. (In the south we use a very limited number of ingredients for seasoning food—salt, pepper, chicken broth, and ham hocks. That pretty much covers everything, well, almost, but using basil is really branching out—a lot. More on southern cooking another time.)

We had fun watching Hamilton hit 28 home runs in the first round. AWESOME!! Tonight we'll watch the All Star Game. And tomorrow I'll start catching up with blogging some of my recent portrait sessions.

Em and me; excited about our yummy pesto creation and the MLB Home Run Derby.

Johnny Narron and Josh Hamilton during bp. This photo was from Hamilton's SI cover story.

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