Friday, November 14, 2008


1. Jonathan and I have been married just over one year. One year and almost two weeks. On Nov 14th last year we woke up in an awesome bed and breakfast on Lake Como in Italy and got on a train and headed for Milan where we went shoe shopping. hehe. The next day we flew back to Raleigh.

2. I started missing Italy this year when the weather started getting cool. We had such an amazing honey moon traipsing around the country.

3. On Nov 14th this year (that's today) we close on our house we're selling. Big huge deal. I'm really excited our house sold so we can live closer to work and get our lives back, but wow, I'm so sad to leave our house. I think it will be better when we have a new house to live in. A new home.

4. I finally have portrait customers. YEA. My business has been (literally) 10 times better this year than last with weddings, but the portrait side had been kinda slow all year til now. I have been praying for a more balanced schedule--that God would provide portrait shoots like He has provided weddings--and He answered "yes". Not what I would have chosen my schedule to look like, but this certainly works too. Praise God.

5. I'm excited about my family and kid sessions over the next couple months.

6. I'm excited about photos with Santa next week. We still have spots available. Contact me if you want to come.

7. I love how well all the Harvest and Halloween Mini Sessions went. All the parents were super chill, which is sooo helpful when photographing children, and it made my life much sweeter. You can see all these cute kids on three different posts.
here, here, and here.

8. My fall mini session customers helped with a food drive. I dropped off the food today with the soup kitchen at First Baptist Church in Smithfield, NC. They'll deliver the food that they can't use for their ministry to food pantry in town.

9. Last week I cut my finger well enough to require stitches--and they are through my fingernail. This has made work interesting and it's been super inconvenient for packing to move. The constant pain is very draining too, which might be helping to magnify being sad about leaving our house.

10. Tomorrow I will (probably) get my stitches out, at which point the PA treating me will show me how to use super glue on my nail and finger until the nail grows out. Lovely.

11. I bought super glue gel yesterday.

12. I'm working hard on a wedding from late October, so you'll get to see some new wedding photos soon.

That's all the life and work updates for now.

Amanda Ward Dengler


Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

wow. a lot has happened in a year. crazy, huh? and eew...i can't even read stuff about your finger. it makes me cringe. bless your sweet little finger's heart (if fingers had hearts).

the.indie.image said...

Congrats again on your year + of marriage! I hope you find a great house!

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