Thursday, November 20, 2008


Let me know what you think. with or without. This is my first attempt at using added texture so I'm open to suggestions for tweaks or complete overhauls. (I'm always open for suggestions--critiques are good.)

Studio 310 Photography


The Dingle family said...

I like it, especially for this pic with the amount of open/blank space in the upper right quarter of the shot. I think if the background of the shot itself was busier or if there was more going on in the shot that it might not work so well, but I think it totally works for this one!

ktinnc07 said...

I like it with. I hope you got more sleep last night than me...this holiday ordering/shooting/editing season is brutal :) :)

Pappy Dave said...

I just found your blog by way of Katie Mathews's blog. As far as the texture goes, I DO like the added dimension. Especially with the black & white.

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