Monday, June 16, 2008

99 flavors. pure enjoyment.

This past Saturday was my one non-wedding weekend for June, and what did I do? I scheduled a portrait session. What was I thinking? (oh wait, I remember, I was thinking I'm trying to make some money, and I have a hard time saying no to my customers.) The session went really well; it was a quick family studio sessions with adults—no kids, so it was totally painless.

After the session I headed over to the local snow cone shop before making the trek back to N Raleigh. Hills of Snow makes the best snow cones I've ever had. They boast 99 flavors, but it might be more than that—either way, whatever you want, they have, including brain freeze and a sugar rush. mmmm.

So if anyone comes for a visit or consultation at my studio, I'll be happy to introduce you to the best snow cones ever. Or, we can check out one of the other great local shops—thats one of the best parts about working in a small town.

yep, its shaped like a snow cone.

cranberry & orange-pineapple. 14 oz ended up being almost too much; next time i'll try not get so excited and only get a 10 or 12 oz cup.


the.indie.image said...

this makes me want a snow cone!!! yum!!

Shannon Lott said...

Hey there! Thanks for the very sweet comment:) I loved it. Also, SNOW CONES!!! We love snow cones...but are they better than "shave ice" in Hawaii??? Yummy. I even bought a $15 snow cone machine a couple weeks ago to make my own!

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