Monday, June 9, 2008

In the News

Well, sort of. If you regularly read Raleigh's paper, the News & Observer, you probably didn't miss the series of articles about a week and a half ago about the director of one of the state's mental health hospitals and her oil painting. Basically what I understand is that this director commissioned one of her employees to paint a portrait of her and paid for it with money that was supposed to pay for other things.

But probably the most interesting thing about it is that the painting doesn't really look like her—it might look more like how she'd like to look. And its all out of proportion, and in general, very strange looking. So this strangeness sparked the interest of a writer for the News & Observer, and from it he wrote an article for the paper yesterday about how people want to be portrayed etc.

So how I fit in: the writer, Peder Zane, contacted me, randomly I think, about my thoughts on retouching and editing photos. So some of my quotes and thoughts are used towards the end of the article.
It's an interesting article; you should read it here. And you can compare the painting of the lady with her actual portrait, but you have to click the link in the caption for more photos.

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