Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Change is good

I want to let all you blog readers know about a big studio change I’m making over the next couple weeks—and I’m so excited. I’ve been renting some of my studio equipment over the past few years, and I’ve finally decided take the big step to invest in more of my own equipment and stop renting. So, I have a new studio set up with new lights, 6 new backdrops, yea, and some other required, boring, equipment. I’m keeping my same office and studio location.

I have one last formal bridal session scheduled with the current equipment for this Saturday afternoon, then I’ll be making the transition. The new stuff is going to be great for family photos, kids, high school seniors (more on seniors’ summer specials soon), etc. I’m not sure how formal bridal portraits are going work in the studio after the change, but I have an AMAZING back up plan. Oh, I’m so pumped!!!

Right now I have a couple brides scheduled for location bridal shoots. One is this Sunday, and the other will likely be in early fall. I’m really looking forward working with these ladies outside the studio for some amazing pre-wedding portraits. I’ll have to see what I can do about posting one or two images from this weekend, before the wedding. No bride wants to spoil the anticipation of the dress, so I’ll have to be careful about what I choose.

Here are a few quick wedding day shots so you can see the potential. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend and we can get some gorgeous outdoor portraits.

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