Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Before & After

Sweet baby boy. These photos are from earlier this year--Caitlyn and Daniel 6 weeks before Fielder was born, and then photos from Fielder's infant portrait session when he was not quite 5 weeks old. I enjoyed shooting my first ever maternity session with Caitlyn. The lighting style I used was similar to my fine art/form work I love, but don't do a lot.

As with any photography I do for customers, it's totally up to the customer what style we shoot. I always talk to my customers before any wedding or portrait sessions to hear what they want for their finished photographs. As much as I love shooting the contemporary, urban, or photojournalist style, I totally understand the desire for timeless, traditional photographs. Just let me know what you want; I'm pretty accommodating.

Fielder paid a lot of attention to my camera's auto focus noises.

soccer player?

or left-handed curve ball pitcher?

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