Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i heart ___.

Here are some of my summer favorites:

 1. these ugly beasts. These tomatoes grew in my garden. 

They finally gave up growing bigger and decided to turn red. Jonathan and I recently had some landscaping done in our backyard, which requires some heavy watering, so my garden is drowning. I'm pretty sure that is what is causing all the splitting. That doesn't affect their deliciousness though. Which leads me to:

2. a BLT. 

Bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches are a summertime treat. M&M sandwiches are too (maters and mayonnaise). One way I help contribute to a ridiculously low grocery budget is only buying produce when it is in season. Not only does it save money, but I really don't trust fresh tomatoes not grown in NC or SC in the summer. I may be spoiled, or maybe it's just practical. If my tomato plants do well, hopefully I won't have to purchase any tomatoes this year.

3. wild blackberries.

Free fruit is always good. They definitely require a lot of work to pick though; lots to contend with: heat, bugs, thorns. Last year I probably picked 3 quarts to a gallon of blackberries. No joke. I knew when I was picking them last year, they would probably not come as easy this year. And it's true. A lot of the canes got cut down. They've come back, but they missed the flowering and fruit. The fruit that is available is both smaller and some of it, completely impossible to get to. So this year it was more like wild blackberry hunting rather than picking. I'm happy with my quart though. I should be able to make a small cobbler. yummm

4. the farmers market.

I love the farmers market! and Smithfield, NC has their own farmers market this year. Downtown!! I also love the hugeness and awesomeness of the NC State Farmers Market too. I'll have to show you photos of that one another time. I get summer and fall produce that doesn't come out of my own garden at the farmers market. Like:

5. peaches.

I love peaches. Sweet, juicy goodness. Like eating candy.

6. these garden and farming t-shirts from Beryl Lynn.

I yanked these photos from her etsy shop. You can also check out her cute blog. She writes about her baby boy, gardening, sustainability, vegan eating, and other things I can appreciate.

I end up wearing shorts and t-shirts in the summer and jeans and t-shirts, over long sleeve t-shirts in the winter. Sure, I'd love for my style to be a little more cute or dressed up, but this is what seems to work for me since I do a lot of work at home. (or I'm getting down and dirty or hot and sweaty at my outdoor photo shoots). So it turns out I like t-shirts, and I really like these cute ones.


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