Monday, June 27, 2011

i heart ___.

I'm going to try a new feature on the blog. I'm starting small and going to see where it goes; maybe nowhere, maybe somewhere. We'll see what happens. One of my favorite things on others' blogs (photographers, friends, family) is when they share lists of their interests. This sort of goes along with everyone's new favorite, pintrest, but I don't need a new distraction. So I'm choosing to stay away. I'm inspired by Faith, and Jasmine (of course we're on a first name basis!), and I believe I've seen some of my local photographer friends share some of their favorite things from their houses or work space on their blogs. I enjoy seeing that part of people's lives.

If this becomes a regular thing, I'd love to hear your suggestions for a title. I'm not as creative with my words as I am with my art, so I need your help. 
For now, the title is I heart blank. :) And these are some of my faves.

1. these pretty orange, double daylilies that came from my great grandparent's farm. 

I don't know if they came from plants from 50 or 75 or 100 years ago, but I think they are awesome. So it seems my mother's Granny and Grandsir have given me a long, lean skeletal structure with a really high probability of early osteoporosis and pretty orange flowers for my yard. I'll take it (and a calcium supplement).

2. my future sis-in-law and brother's wedding save-the-date postcards with vintage stamps.

Country. Vintage-y. Real, oldschool stamps, customized for Jonathan and me. Hand canceled. Adorable models. I love it. And I'm looking forward to their wedding in the fall, and the parties between now and then. 

3. my fluffy boy dog, Ben

Oh yes. Go ahead and get ready for plenty of Ben photos. He is our lanky, curly, goldendoodle. Poodles are supposedly water retrievers, so we try to help Ben embrace his inner poodle and let him swim and retrieve tennis balls from the water a lot during the summer. Enjoy those last two phone photos.


Faith said...

1. I love your new blog idea! Make it regular.
2. I looooove Austin and Nia's save the dates. They are so cute. The fonts, the photo, the stamps, the wording. Four thumbs up! (Mine and Adlai's)

studio 310 said...

thanks ma'am! nia gets credit for her "mark your calendar" card design. i took the photo; she did everything else.

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