Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At Work in 2008

Shooting weddings is hardly what I do all day everyday, but there isn't usually anyone hanging around to photograph me sitting behind my computer processing all the shoots and orders, or when I meet with customers, or make trips to the lab, or work on marketing and business. . .

So y'all get to see the photos of me doing the more glamorous side of my job--I don't document myself on Sunday mornings either, hobbling into church like I'm crippled cause I worked so hard at the wedding the day before. haha. But I so love my job. I get excited working with couples on their wedding day, and shooting engagement photos, and helping the brides feel like models for their bridal portraits, and getting ladies to have fun and feel great about themselves during their boudoir sessions, and collapsing into a chair in my studio after kids sessions. I get so excited when I see the light through my lens, and usually that excitement comes spilling out of my mouth in the middle of the shoot. Most of the time people probably think I'm weird, but hopefully, once in a while, someone recognizes I'm just really passionate about my art. Love love it.

Here are some fun photos (from other photographers and friends) of me at a few weddings this past year.

The first couple shots were taken by April. T
hey're from weddings I worked as a second shooter for Evoke Photography. I have a ton of gorgeous photos from these weddings that I'll share with you all in the coming months.

My friend Becca worked with me at a couple recent weddings. She grabbed these with Jonathan and me at Jennifer and Bill's wedding in October.

Jonathan got my camera during my cupcake and coffee break towards the end of the evening at my sis-in-law, Kathryn's wedding. (More from this wedding here and here.)

And I thought I was going to continue to take photos during my one dance.

But thankfully our friend Dean had better ideas. Here are a couple of his photos.

One more from Becca.

Amanda Dengler, Studio 310 Photography

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