Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Agriculture!

Bridal portraits in a cotton field with a big, very red barn in the background? Yes, please! Does anyone else want to model? Really, let me know.

Even after the cotton is harvested I'll be taking other clients back to this field for portraits. The farmer uses the fields for other crops throughout the year--and the barn probably isn't going anywhere. LOVELY!!

You'll see more from this bride in a few months.

Studio 310 Photography


Emily said...

Beautiful!!! How about a couple shots of a Mom and a Dad and a sweet baby Girl right by that big ol' barn? ;)

miss mary said...

Thanks Amanda! I looove this shot by the way..i've done a couple in the cotton fields by our house and i always love they way they turn out! Hope you are doing well!


the.indie.image said...

lovely! great job. can't wait for saturday!

Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

love it. seriously. perfect.

Ashley and David said...

ooo i like the feel of this shot! the back light is yummy!

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