Monday, October 20, 2008

Fielder's Choice

Time to feature another entrepreneur family member. This month you get to learn about my cousin Caitlyn and her store: Fielder's Choice. CUTE NAME*. Caitlyn and her husband both teach middle school (bless their hearts) in Wayne County, NC; Caitlyn teaches Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly known as home ec). She enjoys cooking and sewing and hopes to one day turn this love into her own full-time business, and she's starting out with this online store. Fielder's Choice was inspired by her son, 7 month old Fielder.

Fielder's Choice features cute baby accessories including handmade bibs, burp cloths and appliqued onesies. Caitlyn uses high quality, contemporary fabrics that are 100% cotton. As a mom she understands that even though those fluffy minky fabrics are oh so soft and cute, they just don't do the job absorbing the messes for which bibs and burp cloths are made.
Caitlyn has great introductory prices, so if you're interested in getting a shower gift, or something for yourself, now is a great time!

burp cloth

coordinating bib

*Caitlyn is from a baseball family so the name Fielder's Choice is cute because it's her son's name as well as a play on the term used in baseball stats. Fielder's choice indicates (basically) that the batter reached base when he could have been thrown out, because the fielder chose to get a different runner out. This still counts against the batter's average--like he'd gotten out.

You're welcome. Anytime I can help broaden your knowledge of the Great American Pastime, I'm happy to help.

Amanda Dengler

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