Saturday, September 27, 2008

jessica + brian

The new Mr. and Mrs. Chandler got married in Wilmington, NC at The Balcony on Dock in August. I started out at Jessica's hotel room for her getting ready photos, then we all went to the wedding ceremony and reception at The Balcony. We were hoping to get to go to the river for some couple portraits during the cocktail hour, but the rain didn't let up for that to happen, so we rocked out the hall while the staff was doing the room flip.

pretty bride.

pretty room.

wwooOOooah. the bridal party.

the new Chandler family.

this reminds me of a 1950s bride and groom photo.

the groom's cousin presented a slide show.

i want to eat that chocolate one with the white icing dripping down the side. mmm.

pretty light. the windows throughout the room let in lots of natural light.

the balcony.

aaand she's done.

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Ashley and David said...

this looked like an awesome wedding to be a part of!

i love the one of the two of them in the doorway (where you can see his reflection in both doors)-yum.

and i really love the composition of the one where they are standing outside on the balcony- very cool.

Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

honest to goodness, these are my FAVORITE pictures you've done so far. my most favorite is the one of the couple on the balcony. and the rest i love - girl, seriously, you did them so well. they're going to gush over these!!!

the.indie.image said...

aww i love the reflection in the doorway shot too. very cool. looks like a cool place and wedding! great job!

ktinnc07 said...

Great pics!! I actually have a wedding and reception there on the 19th and hadn't been there it was nice to get a sneak peek :)

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