Monday, September 22, 2008

Belk Bridal Show

I had such a busy weekend, but it was all fun. It started early on Friday at 3:00 for the Raleigh Street Painting Festival. (That was so eventful it gets its own post.) I shot a wedding with April Saturday afternoon. It didn't even hit me til the next day that it was a nine hour shoot—probably because it was in Raleigh so we got home "early" at 10:30. That was the wildest wedding reception I've ever experienced. And Sunday after church, Jonathan and I headed to Smithfield for Belk's little bridal show.

They had a nice show with a few area wedding vendors and some nice gifts and give-aways. But I guess it was poorly marketed because the attendance was very poor. This was the first year I participated, and I'll continue to go to their shows because I think it was such a lovely event, and I want it to be bigger and better next time. One of the brides that attended the event had already booked my friend Brandi for her wedding day photography, so that was cool to get to make that connection. Even though I didn't get to talk to many brides, it was a great opportunity for me to network with others in the wedding industry. Other vendors that were there:
Casey's Floral & Catering Service. Casey's has locations in Princeton, Smithfield, and Four Oaks. They provided the refreshments for the show including a delicious cake.
Frankly Yours Garden Gifts & Antiques. The name doesn't really tell you what they do, but they offer traditional wedding day flowers, arrangements, and traditional decor like white columns, urns, and ferns.
Clinique. Part of the gift for attending was from Clinique. Nice. I got one too. I love their stuff because it's fragrance free and great for sensitive skin—or really any skin type. That's one of their big marketing pushes; they work to match your makeup to fit your skin type. Clinique is also really good about giving free consultations and letting you try their out their stuff before you purchase.
Jimmy R. Wallace Photography. A super traditional photography studio in Smithfield. If you're looking for 100% posed wedding day photography, Tim at Jimmy R Wallace Photography can provide it.

Next time I'll take some photos of our setup. The bridal consultant ladies at Belk had set up an area to look so pretty for the show. I took some big ol' prints, and Jonathan set up my laptop with a monitor on one of the tables to show a slide show of engagement photos, bridal portraits, and wedding day photos. Next time too I'll help more with getting the word out about the event.

I'll be posting new wedding photos in a couple days from a recent wedding I photographed in Wilmington.

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