Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mrs. Kellogg

Today was such a great day for Stephanie and Ryan's wedding. Stephanie was super chill the whole day, and Ryan had the biggest cheesiest smile that lasted the entire time. I think he might have worked it for the camera a couple times, but I might be wrong—he was probably just working his excitement.

I finally get to show you Stephanie's gorgeous bridal portraits. We shot them a couple months ago at the Hinnant Family Vineyards in Pine Level, NC. That's where we had the reception this evening. They're in the process of renovating their banquet hall, but they put together a beautiful room for the party tonight; I understand there will be even more changes by the next time I visit.


Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

these are some of my most FAVORITE pictures that you've done of a wedding so far. (not that i've seen a lot - but i love these!)

the.indie.image said...

aww i like the lines in the one where she is sitting under the vines, and I like the one underneath it too!

:-) good job

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