Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i heart ___.

With 2012 getting off to a spectacular start, I thought I could review some fun things from 2011.

1. Nia's bridal portraits

My highest blog traffic day in 2011 was Oct 23rd, the day after my brother's wedding, and the same day I posted Nia's bridal portraits. Click THIS LINK to see the post.


2. Our Party Rock Anthem Flash Mob

Speaking of Austin and Nia's wedding. . . I loved their wedding and reception, and the flash mob dance we did with the bridal party and some of their friends involved with the wedding. I'm all the way on the left (18 weeks pregnant). I get hidden some of the time, but I'm wearing my tan bridesmaids dress and brown sweater. My sis (the reverend/ wedding officiant) is next to me wearing the purple dress, gray sweater, and silver glitter Toms. Her husband is the crazy guy bouncing around near the front right in the bow tie. And I find all those groomsmen in suspenders on the back row quite impressive/ entertaining--they are NOT dancing kind of guys, so they were really good sports to go along with all this. Watch the video.

3. Ninja Christmas

Say what?!? I have no idea. But it was the most interesting google search that sent someone to the Studio 310 blog in 2011. I have a feeling my blog came up because of THIS POST from a couple years ago of Emily and Jim's portrait session. But really; Ninja Christmas. Thank you world wide web and google analytics for that interesting info.

4. Teaching Photography Classes

I started teaching group Beginning Photography Classes in 2011. I really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to the classes coming up in January. I'm going to open another Beginning class this winter, so look for that info in the next couple days. Click THIS LINK for more info on the current classes being offered.

5. My BABY!!!

My best news of 2011. I'm pregnant!! (I couldn't NOT say it here--again.) I'm so excited about meeting my baby boy in the spring. Just a few months to go!

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dannel bello said...

I am happy to see that you share your funny memories from 2011. I like Nia's dress, it is so pretty. Keep sharing your beautiful memories like this.

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